Is it possible to tell a story of a thousand years ago using the latest technology? Is it possible to combine something purely timeless with something utterly pioneering?

The answer to the above questions is undoubtedly a resounding “yes”, and sums up our vision for the MINOANS Project.

We created a theme ride that will enable visitors to experience the most important mythological and historical events of Crete.

The birth of Zeus and the abduction of Europa, a "flight" through the Palace of Knossos, the blooming of the Minoan civilization, a confrontation with the monstrous Minotaur and the destruction of the Minoan city of Knossos are some of the amazing events that visitors will view and experience.


Between the 3rd and 2nd millennium BC, Crete gave birth to one of the brightest civilizations in human history. It was named Minoan Civilization after the mythical king Minos, the son of Europa and Zeus.

Due to its geographic location at the Mediterranean center, Crete quickly developed into a strong naval and trade power. The Minoans travelled across most of the Mediterranean, going as far as Egypt, Troy and Cyprus. As a result, the political and cultural influence of the Minoan civilization was not only felt in Greece, but in the whole "known" world, at the time.

The Minoan civilization was the base of the ancient Greek spirit, and the foundation of the European and Western Culture.

Visitors that truly want to understand the Minoan culture, need to have prior knowledge of the Greek history and mythology. The goal of the MINOANS is to provide the visitor with an audiovisual experience and impart the necessary experiential knowledge, that will further enhance their tour through the ancient monuments.


The MINOANS experience will have as its key ride a 9d theatre in which the visitors will experience an interactive media production movie depicting the mythological and historical details of the rise and fall of the Minoan civilization.

This immersive theater will provide the opportunity to see all historical highlights while enjoying the latest video mapping and project technology delivering super realism and fantastic entertainment as never seen before. This venue will become the must see attraction for every tourist, every Greek family and for every visitor.


We integrate the latest technology of theme rides while we also create a fantastic visual content. This allows us to map out the entire sequence of events and plan the experience to the last detail for maximum excitement.

The specific experience for the MINOAN Project consists of two mobile platforms of a combined 48 seat capacity. These platforms will move in perfect coordination with the camera animation of our film. Accompanying effects in specific points in the theater will further enhance the visuals to create a truly immersive experience for almost all senses.

These effects include:

  • Smoke/Fog
  • Water spray/Rain
  • Wind

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